Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Laura Hooper created the most darling map and itinerary for the event.  I was excited to pull it out each time I needed a reminder of my schedule!   Michelle Rago’s perfect beachside party favor was an unexpected end to the beach celebration highlighted here. Rebecca’s famous swag certainly was a hit (check out the swag from Engage08: The Encore).  My bag is now much lighter after sharing the goods with The Momental Girls.  The patent leather white polka dot bag was stuffed with everything from rum cake and aqua pashminas to stunning handcrafted earrings and Cayman native glass sculptures to […]

Working with Laura to create her daughter’s Rainforest Invitations has been a blast.  A simple twist on our Vintage Lacy Tree Invitations revealed a tropical landscape complete with tiny frogs, climbing orchids and buzzing hummingbirds.  The Kapoc Tree is the specific inspiration and managing to capture the awe inspiring stature of this tree was tricky.  I just love the lush, juicy spirit of my watercolor illustration accented by subtle hints of gold ink.

A small but essential detail on the wedding invitation is the date, of course!  Many brides debate over the countless ways to include the date on the invitation.  The list below is by no means exhaustive but remember that regardless of the date style you choose to implement – attention to font and layout will make the difference overall.