Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Karen Tran‘s work requires really very few words.  Her exquisite, immediately recognizable style and lush approach to floral design are both reasons to make her blog a weekly read.  Whether you crave color inspiration or are simply looking  for detail ideas to perfect your table design, Karen’s blog and website are essential.  You can also check out her weekly post on the Southern Weddings blog!  So go ahead dive in…I dare you not to loose track of time looking!

An inpromptu trip to a local Antique market last weekend was all I needed to get inspired.  Last week I announced that The Hubby and I are planning a wedding vow renewal bash.  I must admit settling on a color palette has been difficult for me.   Wandering around the Antique Center I was repeatedly drawn to the vintage tablecloths in so many of the booths.  Picking up a simple piece with light orange and yellow roses, worn from use and frayed a bit on the edges I was immediately drawn in.  At that moment I knew the search for our […]

So it has come to my third and final recap (See Part I and II) post of Engage 09!  Sadly the event has passed but perhaps what I am left cherishing most are the connections made during the three days in Grand Cayman.  Of course  the stylish events and invigorating speakers were all priceless and will resonate in my mind  for years to come BUT the personal connections, might I say “Inspired Networking” will, I believe, prove to be the most impacting. From top right, Lindsey from Fresh Lime Events, Ciara from Firefly Ocassions, Sara from Bella Notte Events,  Donna […]

What seems like forever ago I created the very first Momental Hydrangea Wedding Invitation for Kelley, my fabulous managing assistant.    The artwork was small and stunning and seemed to inspire a continuing interest in this lofty bloom from that point on. The first Momental Hydrangeas as created for Kelley.  This past Tuesday Kelley and Hubby AJ celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary so I dedicate this post to them, congratulations! As the years passed though my hydrangea artwork has evolved to be included in what we  lovingly call the Big Bloom Collection.  Big paint strokes contrasted with fine detail epitomize […]

When it comes to parties, weddings and anything celebratory I am just bursting with ideas.  My mind first wanders to ponder all the exciting stationery opportunities that are possible. You can imagine my excitement when the hubby and I decided to throw a bash celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next year!  Beginning with a few days in Zion National Park and ending with a celebration in PA there are so many details to consider.   We decided to renew our vows in Zion; a magical place that holds so much meaning for us both.  We feel connected to the landscape and […]