Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Name: Jaime Kapral-Hindmarsh Position/Special Talents: Design Assistant, portfolio creator, master with buckles and rhinestones   All time favorite invite: I LOVE bling! Anything with a buckle or rhinestones, I absolutely adore the vintage lacy stamp collection. Favorite color combination: Shades of ivory and white are so clean together, the textures are beautiful; I also have a soft spot for shades of pink! Favorite embellishment: The Buckles!!!! What has working at Momental Designs taught you? Until working for Momental Designs I’ve never truly appreciated how amazingly different paper can be. We honestly use the highest quality papers and cardstock available plus […]

Name: Jessica McCafferty Position/Special Talents: Studio Manager/Artist All time favorite invite: I am absolutely loving the Sculpted Blooms Collection! The combination of textures and sculptural elements in this invite makes “The Painted Bloom” my favorite. Favorite color combination: I adore different combinations of browns and greens. I really like warm, rustic colors together. Favorite embellishment: I am quite fond of the pearl details we’ve been adding lately. The combination of different shades of neutrals along with the pearls adds a certain sophistication to an invite. What has working at Momental Designs taught you? One of the most important things I […]

I have said it before but will again….I have the privilege of working with the MOST creative brides. I am inspired daily by their ideas and perspectives and am grateful for the design challenges every new project offers. This week I began work on two samples for Claire and Yvette. Both brides wanted an ultimately elegant and classic invitation but with the personality and flair of my artwork and hand-painted details. Claire’s vineyard inspired event led me to create a more detailed illustration of ripe grapes on the vine while Claire’s winter bouquet of jasmine called for a simple silhouette […]

From left to right, Laura, Jess, Jaime, Maria, Kelley, Amy, Linda and Kristy. Next week I will officially introduce these amazing ladies! If you follow me on Twitter, you have heard about our recent big news. I felt it only appropriate to show my employees just how grateful I am for their talent and support everyday. I decided to treat everyone to an afternoon at the spa and then a special dinner celebration. Check in next week for photos from our amazing meal at Ruth’s Chris! I chose my absolute favorite pampering destination in Northeast PA, Rejuvenessence, where they “pamper […]

Last night I read a lovely blogcomment regarding a post of my painting trek to NM. The comment was left by on of my favorite bloggers, Jaime from It’s a Jaime Thing. She said that I was like a “modern day Georgia O’Keeffe” in the photo and that just made my day. Minutes later she emailed to let me know that she had featured my work on her blog – what an honor!!! So thanks Jaime for the blog love, and for the amazing post yesterday.