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I created this sweet invitation for a very creative bride marrying in September. She is from France and her fiance from Germany so the language barrier was a bit challenging. However, I am thrilled with the result and grateful for the experience.

Soline, the bride, drew the profiles of herself and her fiance. I then perfected the drawings and combined them with my Signature Lacy Stamping design.

The invitation was printed on a lovely gold shimmer with textured ivory stock inside. The stamping was done in chocolate brown with soft white hand-painted blooms. We finished the look with chocolate satin knot.

This could be a great look for a posh wedding shower too!


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Not just paper and paint

August 16, 2008

One of my favorite projects from this past week was Kelley’s lovely stationery accessories. We designed everything from Rehearsal dinner menus and place cards to guest bag itineraries and welcome tags.

It was such a pleasure to work with this bride over the last year. Kelley is very detailed and precise and always had a clear vision for each piece we designed. She often, though, let me use my creativity to best bring her ideas to life.

It was a bit sad when her order was being packaged with pretty green grosgrain ribbon. I always get a bit sad when my time with each bride is complete. I love what I do….from creating a new illustration to chatting with brides about the perfect shade of sage…I enjoy it all.

Kelley’s hand-stamped menus and seating cards are much more than pretty paper and shimmering inks… For me those pieces are a visual record of an experience, a moment in time, an idea in action and most of all a memory captured forever…

Thanks Kelley for choosing Momental and allowing our details create your moment!

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I guess I am really passionate about painting, drawing etc. I always laugh when my husband tells me “why take your paints on vacation?, you need to relax!” It is hard to make him understand that I feel most at peace when I am creating/painting something. I have a difficult time when I am too far removed from my brush and watercolor.

That being said I though I would share a little side project I conjured up this week. Amy, my longtime friend and until recently my project/production manager, moved to Maryland. I wanted to do something special in honor of her new, cute apartment. I will be helping her move in this weekend so I thought I would surprise her with a hand-painted kitchen table.

I was inspired by an illustration I created for a couple earlier this year. It is a watercolor tree that was inspired by the book, “The Little Prince”. The tree is full of fun and whimsy and reminded me so much of Amy’s spirit.

So in the midst of a crazy week at the studio without my right hand gal, I am frantically painting this simple little table. The project is helping me feel a little less sad about my far off friend and a little more excited about the new adventure she is about to embark on.

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