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I have been creating seating charts since I began my business. What most don’t realize is that seating charts are a very old tradition used at the most posh weddings in the past. Traditionally guests enter the reception to find their names on a seating board, seating plan, chart etc. Then, guests proceed to their tables to find a specific place setting marked with a petite place card. In the name of modern efficiency place cards have been replaced by seating/escort cards and the seating chart quickly dissappeared.

In the past few years seating charts are making a comeback. Guests now enter the reception to find their name and table assignment on the chart. Guests then proceed to their table to choose whichever seat they prefer.

Weddings in the UK and beyond still utilize the elegant tradition of what they call a seating plan and table cards (place cards). For my own wedding eight years ago I chose to also implement this lovely tradition.

In the Momental Designs studio seating charts are simply another way to infuse a unique flair of color and style into the day.

The seating chart is usually no smaller than 16×20 and can grow in size ot accommodate even the largest guest list. In some cases several seating charts may be needed. Seating charts are especially usefull for an outdoor celebration as you certainly don’t want all those little cards flying away!
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