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Big Bold Peonies

April 11, 2008

This morning I completed Kristina’s lush and bold peony invitations. The beveled borders and painterly style hand-painted details really give this ensemble a couture feel. The variety of papers used ranges from a soft shimmer to a luxurious linen texture. Shades of raspberry and fuchsia give a sophisticated punch of color.

I looked forward to creating these invitations all week. I got lost in the painting of each card – truly each is a work of art with its own personality and flair.

This is the style of artwork I enjoy most. These large blooms really draw the eye to the beautiful detail each bloom has to offer. Take a look at more from my “Big Blooms Collection”.
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Amidst the craziness of moving the studio, we are as busy as ever filling orders for last minute May and June weddings. This Sunday I completed a lovely order for Pam. She chose a gold gatefold that opens to reveal my signature Vintage Stamped Tree design.

Just beautiful…I love this one.
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As you know I am in the process of moving into a larger studio space. The process is quite exciting, scary, fun and overwhelming. This past weekend the painters transformed and enlivened the space with a bit of color.

Choosing this subdued shade was a bit tough for me. I am a big lover of color and punch but in the studio soft non relective color is a must. Gobi Dessert from Behr paints was the perfect choice.

The very next day my dad and husband spent their Sunday building furniture and wiring phone and fax lines. I am very lucky to have such a helpful and supportive family.

The move in date is set for the weekend of April 26th…so not too much longer!
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Kristy Says

April 3, 2008

Don’t neglect those envelopes!

Today I completed a lovely invitation order for Alisha. This bride was running a bit short on time and needed me to create, assemble and mail the invitations. As I painted the soft shimmer on my wavy daisy artwork and added the fuchsia shimmer border I anticipated assembling the entire set. I often do not have the chance to see the invitations entirely completed. I put so much work into the pieces that encompass an invitation set but most often the bride assembles and mails the sets herself.

I took extra time to design the envelope and make it just as pretty and sweet as the invitation itself. I go to thinking that often the look of the envelope is an afterthought. Most brides don;’t think of how a beautiful font, accent of artwork and carefully chosen stamp can make a big impact even before the guests see the invite inside.

I have worked with several brides to create custom stamp artwork. Zazzle.com does an amazing job at creating custom stamps. They offer three sizes to accommodate any size envelope and you can uplaod artwork directly to the site and preview your stamp…very nice!

I used the standard wedding stamps for this order but I have to say the soft pink stamp combined with a fun font and a touch of artwork makes for a very impressive envelope!
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Momental Bowls for Kids

April 1, 2008

Well in my free time – do I have any? I am not sure…but this Saturday I headed a team of bowlers at a local fundraiser. The “Momental Bowls for Kids” team raised nearly $700 for the Local Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Several of my employees ventured out for the day – Laura, Jessica, Linda and Amy were all ready and willing to support the cause. My husband also came out to support the cause.

We had fun and luckily our sponsors chose to donate a flat fee and not per pin! We may have been enthusiastic but do not posses the best bowling skills.
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