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Here comes Christmas!

December 4, 2007

Every so often I have the chance to create something just for fun, just for me. This time of year, every year is my time to create for only me. I love Christmas and look forward to our annual party sooo much! All year long I search for beautiful papers, create new illustrations and fill orders for my super creative brides. Along the way I always buy a little something I just have to have and stash it away for future projects. Usually it is a crazy patterned paper or a unique shaped pocket fold of some kind. I buy these items knowing I may never use them for a wedding but with the hope that somewhere, somehow I will be able to indulge my wildest ideas.
This year my findings led me to the creation of our Christmas Party invitations. Every year Adam and I throw a big Christmas bash that is introduced by a fun yet often elaborate invitation. This year I chose a retro snowflake pattern paper, peachy pink shimmering portable pocket from Envelopements and forest green raffia. I added me Christmas Tree Pot Artwork for fun.
I always tell my brides that the invitation is the official intro to your event. A fun, unexpected and colorful invite will excite your guests and make them sure not to miss such an anticipated event. I think the same is true for any party big or small. The invitation can ellicit feelings of great anticipation, nostalgia and excitement even for a yearly Christmas party.
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