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My new papers have arrived!

November 16, 2007

I love paper…well maybe that is obvious. I do however make sure never to use stunning papers as a crutch for my designs. When I see a paper that inspires I imagine how my artwork can improve or enlighten the use of decorative papers. Anyway, not to get too philosophical!
I order paper from everywhere. You really have to search to find unique, high quality papers. You also have to make sure you understand paper weights and anticipate the use before you buy. There is nothing worse that purchasing paper to find you have no true use for it.

One of my signature style invites is The Wrap. This is where I use decorative papers in a thin band to literally wrap around the invite. It adds another dimension to my work while allowing me to experiment with fun patterns and textures. Take a look here for an example
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Its getting cold in here!

November 6, 2007

Yesterday I completed this order for a January wedding. Intense burgundy and silver are the focus. My lacy stamp work prevents the burgundy from overpowering and I love the contrast it offers.

You know I am a fan of color and I love to find ways to ensure color can still speak of elegance and refinement. I think this look is the perfect example. Look beyond the ecru invite, I say and be fearless with color. I promise your guests’ will remember your artistic bravery!

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