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Jazzy Seating Chart

April 28, 2007

Today I am finishing up the details for a super fun wedding next weekend! The seating chart is full of sparkle and shots of color. I added mirror confetti and star beads for that special touch.

I also created signature cocktail cards to be displayed at the bar.

I had a lot of creative freedom with this seating chart thanks to this very trusting couple!

Kasie and Dave are so fun and have the freshest ideas. They are having their reception at a local martini bar that is big on atmosphere and great food. Gelpia’z in Kingston, PA is worth the stop – don’t miss it!
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Vintage Lacy in Aqua

April 19, 2007

Today I am hard at work again with Jennica’s beautiful invitation design. The text is set on a gorgeous aqua paper with my white lacy stamp and accents of hot pink, green and yellow.

The look is elegant and eclectic at the same time. This color scheme was entirely inspired by the bride. She sent me photos of her flowers and dress color and wanted to create something that spoke of summer fun! I think we have succeeded!
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The Color Purple

April 9, 2007

Well I finally did it- I took a long weekend and had a break from my studio!!!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my work. Things can really start to take their tole, however, when one works day after day for months with no breaks!
My husband, Adam and I went to NYC for the weekend and the highlight of our trip was his Christmas gift to me – tickets to see The Color Purple on Broadway! I am a huge Broadway buff so this trip was met with much anticipation.
I have seen many shows and The Color Purple is now in my top 2 favorites next to Wicked. Never have I been to a show where such emotion and truly impeccable acting was displayed. We both cried for most of Act II ( he would hate if he knew I mentioned that)! I am sure however that sitting in the second row helped my impression of the emotional performance (thanks adam:) )

I was slightly disappointed about the omission of several points from that I thought made the movie so strong. The show really truncated the time that Nettie spent with Mister and Celie – there was really little development of the relationship at that point in their lives.
Another point I missed was the song from the movie sung by Shug to Celie…Sister…I just loved that song and always thought it spoke volumes of their relationship…
Overall though it was quite an experience and I would highly recommend.
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