Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Your story is art, painted beautifully

Momental offers Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations and coordinating accessories for weddings and other joyous occasions — featuring the artwork of Kristy Rice and her invitation artists. Let Kristy’s Unique Handmade Wedding Invitations be the first glimpse your guests have into the festivities to come!

The word Momental describes Kristy’s Philosophy: “Weddings are joyous yet fleeting occasions that deserve the utmost in creative details.”  Kristy sees hand painted and artistic invitations, programs, seating cards, etc. as the details that can make an occasion most Memorable.

Momental is an artist studio. Each item is detailed to include hand-painted details, custom cut sizes, hand-tied bows, and hand-torn edges, just to name a few. Since each piece passes through Kristy’s hands, you can be assured of the highest standard of Quality. Momental offers you an Exciting Alternative to catalogue order stationery at a comparable price. Let your imagination run wild as Kristy will do her utmost to create a Hand Painted, Watercolor Wedding Invitation suite that is exactly as you envision.

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