Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Your story is art, painted beautifully

The word Momental describes Kristy’s Philosophy.“Fine art has the power to move people to feel, take action and to focus. Invitations painted to tell your story indeed have the ability to awaken the mind to the beauty life’s small moments have to offer. ”  Kristy sees Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations and stationery as the tangible moments that make an occasion most Memorable.

Momental offers artistic invitations and coordinating accessories for joyous occasions. Every Momental invitation features artwork of Kristy Rice and her invitation artists. Let Kristy’s Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations be the first glimpse your guests have into the festivities to come!

Momental is an artist studio first and foremost. Whether you’re looking for a classic suite with just a hint of artistry or a bold statement piece overflowing with imagery, Momental welcomes you. We look forward to visioning, alongside you, Unique Handmade Watercolor Wedding Invitations meant to wow and delight! 

We invite you to browse the thousands of designs developed over the past 13 years, however we encourage you to embark on a completely custom design experience. The best place to start, you might wonder? Current Projects is our gallery of work updated daily. You can filter searches based on color palette, season, artwork and technique.

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